About Us

Tasty Group was established in 2013. We are based in Hong Kong and are devoted to source quality and tasty food products from all around the world in order to provide our customers with a great variety of choices.

At present, Tasty Group has developed three main channels to distribute our quality food products to the Greater China market, namely (1) operating retail stores, (2) running online shops on TMall, Tao Bao and Yi Hao Dian, and (3) local wholesale business.

Tasty Group is trading as "Tastymart" under which we operate retail chain stores to supply a great variety of premium foods, beverages, daily necessities and household products to our customers. Branches of "Tastymart" are mostly located in popular or local shopping centres where our customers can enjoy a convenient and pleasant shopping experience.

Our Mission

Our experienced and specialised purchasing team travels regularly to look for featured products including classic, trendy or hitted items over the local places. We aim at introducing diversified overseas food products for the selection of our local customers.

Besides, we have obtained the cost-effective benefits through adopting the direct importing model and are therefore able to let our customers enjoy the premium products at favourable prices. This is genuinely the mission of Tasty Group and Tastymart.

Special Offers

"Tastymart" has set up the VIP membership for our loyal customers. Our valued VIP members can earn bonus points by presenting their membership cards upon every purchase, which can then be spent to get selected items at discount.

As an appreciation of the continuous support from our loyal customers, we occasionally offer favourable discounts and free items at "Tastymart". Please closely follow our notices of promotional events as posted up at our branches and/or on Facebook.